iYagi Lab.

Graduate School of Environmental Science
Hokkaido University

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Does this laboratory have core time?

The core time of this lab. is usually from 9:30 to 17:00, although the different time schedule are sometimes chenged (for example, during experiments at synchrotron orbital radiation). We recommend to keep morning-oriented lifestyle to ensure the discussion time with staffs. Experiments by a student alone are forbidden to keep the safety, and it seems ideal to do experiments in the daytime and to focus paperworks and reading papers after the evening.

How is the research subject determined?

Usually, new students carry out the fundamental experimental works during the first month and the report will be sent to Professors by the end of the month. At that time, we will explain some subjects for the research and new students will select one to three from the subjects. Sometimes, several students select the same subject, we will shift someones to other subjects depending on their experimental skills and properties. Since the subjects are proposed expecting the achievements after 10 months, all the students can obtain experimental results before Meeting in Hokkaido blanch. If the experimental results cannot be obtained after 3 months, we will modify the subjects.