iYagi Lab.

Graduate School of Environmental Science
Hokkaido University

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iYAGi Lab., Division of Environmental Materials Science, Graduate School of Environmental Science, Hokkaido Univ.
(Staffs are belonging to Section of Materials Science, Faculty of Environmental Earth Science, Hokkaido Univ.)

 In our laboratory, we are mainly focusing on Electrocatalysis, which has been traditionally investigated in Hokkaido University. In the Fuel Cell, which can provide clean and stable energy, the molecular/atomic level structures, dynamic behaviors, and functions of electrocatalysts and ioomers have been very important and we have measured and analyzed them by advansed technology with synchrotoron orbital radiation (SOR) light and ultrafast laser. As novel electrocatalysts, bio-inspired electrocatalysts are also investigated, since the enzymes can drive multi-electron transfer reaction with high efficiency. To understand the reaction mechanism in biomolecules, we have also started to investigate the spectroelectrochemical measurements on enzyme-modified electrified interface. Of course, we are continuously working on electrochemistry at atomically controlled surfaces including single crystalline electrode and shape controlled nanomaterials. Furthermore, we are focusing on electrocatalysis for nitrogen cycle, in which the harmful nitrate and nitrite in underground water are converted harmless dinitrogen or useful ammonia and hydroxylamine. Through these investigations, we will contribute to keep the balance of three "E": "E"nvironmetal protection, "E"conomic growth and "E"nergy security.